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What is an ASL Coach?

An ASL Coach is an expert in incorporating American Sign Language in interpretation, dialogues, poetry, movement, choreography, songs, and other works of art. In addition, one has extensive knowledge about Deaf culture and the Deaf community.  

As an ASL Coach, I have collaborated with television, commercial, and music video productions at various studios throughout Los Angeles and Vancouver, Canada. I have also worked with high schools, colleges, and theater productions. 
Whether you're an actor, performer, dancer, singer, or trying out for an audition, we can collaborate together!

Coaching with me, you will receive:

  • English-ASL translation

  • Thorough explanations of the signs

  • Proper training, skills, and guidelines to succeed

  • Understanding Deaf Culture

  • Constructive feedback

  • Overall observation

  • 100 % Support!

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