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Stick figure of a Director of ASL with one hand holding a conducting stick and the other in the air

Overseeing the accuracy and coherency

of sign language within productions

on the set and film.

ASL Directing

Two stick figures on a stairs. One person is helping the other climb higher.

Whether you act, dance or sing,

I can train and finetune your ASL skills!



Specially trained, sighted guide for DeafBlind clients, relaying visual, aural, and environmental information in their preferred language and

communication mode. 

(Formerly known as Support Service Provider)


Two figures are sitting at a table and discussing.

Accessibility features.

Communication methods.

Language functions.

Let's collaborate, discuss, and learn from each other!


Stick figure wearing a hat and filming

Are you a director, producer, or writer creating a production and want to cast a Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and/or DeafBlind talent(s) but are unsure where to start?



Looking for a Deaf Interpreter or need an Interpreter Coordinator?


Stick figure sitting at a table typing on the computer. The computer depicts figure with subtitles

Do you have a document, video, text, or content that needs ASL translation?


A stick figure holding a stick on a board

Are you taking an ASL class or an ITP (Interpreting Training Program)?

Struggling with certain concepts or the interpretation process?


A stick figure holding a stick on a board. Below, there are people sitting down and watching.

Workshops upon request:

American Sign Language, Deaf culture, interpreting, and more!


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