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About Me

Andrew Moore

Andrew Moore, M.A.

Deaf since birth, Andrew has years of experience being involved in the Deaf and DeafBlind community. Andrew works as a professional Deaf Interpreter, CoNavigator, and Director of ASL. In addition to his field, Andrew provides coaching, consultation, educational workshops, and tutoring. Access, communication, and language are all greatly valued by him. 


A proud graduate of California State University Northridge (CSUN), Andrew received dual Bachelor's degrees in Business Law and Finance with a minor in Marketing. In addition, he studied laws pertaining to the Deaf in the Deaf Studies department. Andrew attained a Master of Arts in Sign Language Education at Gallaudet University.


Ongoing training and other means of being active, in the field, consistently play a role in Andrew's practice to ensure the most current, ethical, and accurate approach for his clients.

Andrew loves to travel and he has been to nearly 70 countries. He attests that no matter where we are, Deaf people are capable of communicating with each other!

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