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WHAT IS A CoNavigator?

Specially trained, sighted guide for DeafBlind clients, relaying visual, aural, and environmental information in their preferred language and communication mode. 

(Formerly known as Support Service Provider)




What are the roles of a CoNavigator?

  • Serve as a sighted guide

  • Provide visual and environmental information in the DeafBlind person's communication preference by describing who is in a room, the activity, people's moods; reading a menu in a restaurant, or locating food items in a grocery store

  • Escorting a person to or from a meeting room, or through a lunch line during a workshop

  • Provide support to DeafBlinds in their homes, at their place of employment, in their community, or elsewhere

  • Provide transportation or accompany the DeafBlind person on public transportation when they need transportation assistance

  • Access to community functions: reading the candidates' names on voting ballots, attending city or county meetings, or participating in recreational activities

What kind of tasks does a CoNavigator perform?

  • Relaying visual, aural, and environmental description and information

  • Driving a vehicle

  • Walking together

  • Touching landmarks and objects

  • Communicating with the DeafBlind to receive their feedback, input, and directions

What is a CoNavigator not?


  • An Interpreter for medical, legal, business, or other formal settings

  • Making decisions for the DeafBlind person nor attempt to influence the person

  • Caretaker: providing personal care such as bathing or grooming

  • Running errands alone for a DeafBlind person

  • Teacher or Instructor

  • Living skills specialist

  • Taxi drivers

  • Helper

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